Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What do you like about current job?

Possible Intention:

  • To know what kind of interest and passion you work with in current job.
  • To know whether you have generally a cribbing attitude.


  • Keep in mind that you are going to leave this current job. Do not over glorify what you like.
  • Introspect and keep this answer ready. There is definitely something you like about your current job, but you may have ignored it until now.

Example Answer:

  1. I was involved in projects on testing of finance and healthcare related application. As I saw curious about financial markets, working on the financial project was fun. Working on different business domains and involvement in the load testing of production ready system, exposure to new testing was really exciting for me.
  2. I am working on GBD group. Lot of security configuration, server hardening, technologies such as virtualization are part of regular work. It is really exciting to work with a new set of servers, provisioning and making the network more secure from hacking attempts.
  3. I am working on .NET technology project. In the group there are technology discussion on design, architecture and deployment. Every week freshers like me, are supposed to research a topic and present how that technology can be used. This environment is very conductive for learning and it helps us to learn from each other.

Anti Pattern:

  • "Nothing" is the worst answer. Since there are chances that this might happen in new job also.
  • Do not talk about a specific person or situation which is peculiar to your previous job. If the new organization cannot provide what you like then your performance might be affected.

Interviewer's Interpretation:

  • Something arbitrary irrelevant answer indicates you are not appreciative of good things.
  • Non-enthusiastic answer shows cribbing attitude. It will be a "task" to motivate you.
  • In the new job you would be happy about certain things and that would keep you motivated.